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Sandwiches & Burgers





Sun - Wed: 11am - 11pm

Thurs - Sat: 11am - 2am

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All our wings are served "dry" with your choice of sauce "on the side."You decide how much sauce to toss or dip!

All wings come with your choice of Buttermilk Ranch or Creamy Bleu Cheese Dressing. Carrots and Celery on request.  Extra Sauce, Dips or Dressing available

Sauces, Dips & Dressings


Chipotle Ranch Dressing

Green Chile Ranch

Yard BBQ Sauce


Cajun Dry Rub


Thai Angel

Sawblade BBQ



Hot Buffalo

Smokin' Hot BBQ Sauce

Very Hot

Dead Heat on Request


Chicken Wings

10 ct -  1 sauce

20 ct - 2 sauces

35 ct - 3 sauces

breaded Cauliflower

Counts equivalents only. Boneless wings by weight.

10 ct - 1 sauce

20 ct -  2 sauces

35 ct -  3 sauces

Bone-less Wings

Counts equivalents only. Boneless wings by weight.

10 ct - 1 sauce

20 ct -  2 sauces

35 ct -  3 sauces


Ceviche de Verduras   (Vegetarian)

Hearts of palm, tomatoes, red onions, jalapenos, cucumbers, fresh cilantro, lime juice, avocado, tortilla chips

Nacho's de los Taproom

Tortilla chips, colby jack cheese, tomatoes, green onions, black olives, fresh jalapenos, cilantro, sourcream, salsa, and guacamole.

Add: all meat chili, seasoned chicken, pork or black beans

 Mac n' Cheese Balls

Our house Mac 'n' Cheese deep fried with ranch dressing and Thai angel sauce.

FLash-fried brussel sprouts

Topped with bacon chunks, jalapeno rings, parmesan cheese with green chile ranch.

Queso de cervesa fries

Large order of French fries served with southwest beer cheese sauce on the side.


Irish Egg Rolls

Our twist on the Reuben Sandwich. Corned beef, sauerkraut, carrots and Swiss cheese rolled in an egg roll wrap and fried. Served with a side of Russian dressing and our amazing mustard sauce

Bavarian pretzels

Five pretzel sticks with beer cheese sauce.


Onion Rings

Just Fries



SOUP OF THE MOMENT or Lumberyard all meat chili

Large Blowl, Regular Bowl


Served with: Saltine crackers, corn tortilla chips, southwestern corn bread,  or Texas Toast


Lumberyard Chili

Our chili is all meat, medium heat and simmered with our award winning red ale

Small or Large Bowl Available

Topped with (pick 2) - shredded Colby jack cheese, sour cream, diced red and green  onions, fresh cilantro, fresh jalapeños, pickled jalapeños, black beans or homemade salsa


specialties -

Served with your choice of (1) of the following sides:

French Fries - Potato Salad - Poblano Cheese Grits- Mac N' Cheez - BBQ Beans -  Seasonal Vegetables - Cole Slaw


Substitute the side for one of the following: Onion Rings, House Salad, or fried brussel sprouts


All salads are served with "dressing on the side."

Greek Cucumber Vinaigrette, Ranch, Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette, Chipotle Ranch, Honey Mustard, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Citrus Hefeweizen Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese, Russian

Herbivore Burger

Gardein TM Vegetarian patty, provolone cheese, guacamole, vegetarian ceviche, and a drizzle of sriracha hot sauce

Vietnamese Burger

Our burger topped with Char siu pork, pepper jack cheese, pickled daikon and carrots, julienned jalapeños, cucumbers, cilantro, sriracha aioli and served on a Bolillo roll.

Brewhouse Cheese Burger

Served with cheddar cheese. Smother with chili or add another patty with cheese

Texas Burger

Double slices of bacon, pepper jack cheese, roasted poblano chilies, fried onions, shredded lettuce, Yard BBQ sauce on Texas toast

Sunrise Burger

A fried egg, cheddar cheese, and bacon on Texas toast

UTah Burger

Pastrami, fry sauce, cheddar and swiss cheeses, lettuce, tomato, red onion on brioche bun.

Mile high Burger

Cheddar Cheese, pulled pork in Yard BBQ, coleslaw, crispy onions on brioche bun.

FISH and chips

Crispy beer-battered Alaskan Pollock, tartar sauce, French Fries and coleslaw.


lumberjack Mac

Hearty penne pasta is folded into our creamy three cheese blend, then oven-baked for a rich gooey treat and topped with toasted panko


Don't for get the

favorite add-ons:

 diced tomatoes, green chiles, roasted poblano chilies, diced bacon, BBQ pulled pork, BBQ shredded chicken, tri-tip, all meat chili


Gaucho Tri-Tip Sandwich

Sliced Medium Rare Tri-Tip steak, provolone cheese, chimmichurri sauce, crispy onions on telera roll.

Hummus Reuben   (Vegetarian)

B lack bean hummus, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, Swiss cheese, topped with shredded lettuce and Russian dressing all grilled on seeded Rye bread


Beer battered Alaskan Pollock, cheddar cheese, tartar sauce, lettuce, tomato on bolillo roll.

BBQ Pulled Pork

Succulent slow-roasted sliced pork heaven smothered with our Yard BBQ sauce topped with our creamy coleslaw. Served on a toasted onion Kaiser roll

Santa Fe Burger

Sliced Avocado, green chilies, salsa verde, and pepper jack cheese



Tri - Cobb Salad

Grilled Tri-tip steak, mixed greens bleu cheese crumbles, sliced hard boiled egg, tomato, red onion, bacon and an avocado fan with gorgonzola vinaigrette on the side

Southwest Salad

Warm seasoned shredded chicken and pork, over mixed greens, black beans, dried sweet corn, queso fresco cheese, black olives, red onion, tomatoes, and topped with an avocado fan and corn tortilla strips. with Chipotle Ranch dressing on the side.

Down to earth salad

Mixed greens, ancient grains with chopped kale, brussel sprouts, jicama slaw, sweet potato, shredded beets, dried sweet corn, smoky romesco, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette on the side.


House Salad

Mixed greens, green and red peppers, carrots, red onion, cucumber, tomato and shredded Colby Jack Cheese.


Add your choice of (1): Grilled tri-tip* steak, seasoned chicken breast, or boneless wings.


Banana Pudding

A mason jar full of decadent pudding, bananas, vanilla wafers, and whipped cream (Take one TOGO +1)

Vanilla Ice Cream

Topped with chocolate syrup or our porter caramel sauce

salted caramel pudding jar

Salted Caramel pudding, chocolate pudding, brownie bites, whipped cream.  (Take one TOGO +1)


Bomb Pop