Winnie and Evan Hanseth opened up Flagstaff’s first brewpub – Beaver Street Brewery, in March of 1994. Over the years, Beaver Street Brewery’s beer has been well received by the public and has won numerous awards. With little space, small capacity, and high demand for Beaver Street Brewery’s beer, owners Winnie and Evan Hanseth looked for an opportunity elsewhere to brew more beer and start distribution throughout Arizona.

Just when they had exhausted many possible locations around Flagstaff, the city of Flagstaff put out a request for proposal for the historical Halstead Lumberyard Building, built in the early 1900’s, and had been abandoned for 8 years. After being granted the proposal, Winnie and Evan rehabilitated the lumber building to become Lumberyard Brewing Company.

After many months of planning, construction, and rehabilitation of the building, Lumberyard Brewing proudly opened its doors in 2010. Located just south of the railroad tracks on San Francisco Street, Downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. The location of the old Copeland Lumberyard building in the middle of downtown Flagstaff lent itself to becoming a gateway to the Southside community and creating a space for locals and tourists alike to come together for great beer, great food and great times.

Winnie and Evan created a unique menu filled with all the pub favorites to accompany their award-winning beers. The food and beer both attract a large demographic of people which creates a fun and welcoming environment for all.

Over the last decade, Lumberyard Brewing Company has been brewing and distributing its flagship beers throughout Arizona including Flagstaff IPA, Railhead Red, Red Rock Raspberry alongside new creations that have been added into the family. Most recently our Hazy Angel IPA.

Winnie & Evan Hanseth


If you asked Winnie 30 years ago what she would be doing today, her answer would be far from brewing beer and running a restaurant. But here she is today, having opened Beaver Street Brewery in 1994 and then Lumberyard Brewery in 2010. If you ask her what she loves the most, it would be all the people she has met and worked with throughout the years. When she is not working at the brewery, Winnie loves to run and hike with her dogs on all the fantastic trails Flagstaff has to offer.


Come explore our unique American menu including quality ingredients crafted the Lumberyard way.


Our world class beers are made with the highest quality ingredients and brewed with years of expertise in the industry producing award winning ales and lagers.


The fun and welcoming atmosphere of Lumberyard acts as a community hub for all locals and tourists in Northern Arizona.


Kelly Hanseth

Marketing Manager

Kelly grew up in the brewery industry working at Beaver Street Brewery throughout high school, and then moved to California for college. After graduation, she came back just as Lumberyard Brewing was in planning and has been here since. Not only does she help manage the restaurant and running all their social media pages, Kelly is currently the Vice President of the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild. When not at the Lumberyard you can find her out on the numerous trails in Flagstaff either running or hiking with her two rescue dogs.

Gene Almquist

Director of Brewing Operations

After brewing his first batch of beer in 1992, Gene was directed on his career path. After a couple of years of brewing and reading all books available about the process, he opened a home brew supply store in Flagstaff, AZ in the summer of 1994. Six years later he sold the business and joined the owner’s of Beaver St. Brewery, continuing their tradition of producing award winning beers. Gene assisted in the design and layout of Lumberyard Brewing Co. which opened 2010, with the objective of state wide distribution, both in draft and can package. His passion continues.

Gary Blazevich

Head Brewer

Gary Blazevich is the Head Brewer at Lumberyard Brewing Company. Born and raised In Issaquah, Washington, he is no stranger to good beer or the craft brewing scene; however, he never anticipated he’d wind up making beer in Flagstaff. After making his way southwest and earning a degree in Environmental Science (with an emphasis in Geology) at Northern Arizona University, Gary became the Brewer at Beaver Street Brewery before moving over to Lumberyard. In his spare time, Gary enjoys golfing, playing disc golf, traveling with his wife and working on his house.

Ollie Sexton


My name is Ollie Sexton and I’m one of the brewers at Lumberyard Brewing Company. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. I have lived in Guatemala, North Carolina, Florida, Washington and Arizona. Spanish is my first language and I enjoy traveling, beaches, reading, poker, crossword puzzles and of course drinking beer. I was first introduced to craft beer in 2004 while working as a bartender and manager for our parent company, Beaver Street Brewery. I was given the opportunity to learn the craft in 2010 and the rest we could say is history.

Jeff Fowler


Jeff has been professionally brewing for over a decade. He joined the multi award winning Lumbaryard team in 2015. Jeff enjoys hunting, fishing, baseball/softball, disc golf, all while enjoying a tasty Lumberyard brew.

Mike Devlin


Mike was introduced the craft beer scene in 1994 when he picked up a home brewing kit in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. He came to Flagstaff to attend NAU in 1998. He began working for Beaver Street Brewery in 2001 as a server and moved to The Lumberyard Brewing Company shortly after the brewery opened. Mike is often on the trails hiking with his dog Anya.

real wild woody_Ken Wilson
Ken Wilson

Director of Sales

Ken Wilson is a loyal and passionate ambassador for Arizona beer. Ken has spent nearly 25 in the beer industry and has managed statewide sales for Lumberyard Brewing Company in Flagstaff for the last eight. He has been a champion of Arizona craft beer as a whole and proudly represents the world class beers of the Lumberyard.

DSC_0715 (2)
Mike Darby

Chief Operations Officer

Mike joined the Beaver Street team in 1998 while attending Northern Arizona University. Growing up in Phoenix, the transition to Mountain life was quite a welcomed change. As an avid outdoors man, the forests surrounding Flagstaff became a natural fit. He has a wonderful wife and two active young boys
who keep him busy. He loves craft beer and the culture surrounding it, thus making going to work everyday a pleasure.

Patty Walsh

Executive Operations Manager aka Lumberyard Mom

Patty grew up in Phoenix and started working in restaurants when she was 16. In 1999, she Moved to Flagstaff to attend NAU and then never left. In 2004, she started working for Beaver Street Brewery and moved her way up to management. She was invited to help open Lumberyard Brewing and has been here ever since. Patty runs the day to day operations of the restaurant and mentors many of the restaurant employees. When not at the Lumberyard, Patty spends her time volunteering with the Shadows Foundation, one of Flagstaff’s local nonprofit organizations. You can also find her outside somewhere playing volleyball, camping, being on the lake, off-roading, hiking with her dog or enjoying time with family and friends over a pint Hazy Angel IPA.

IMG-8370 (2)
Rueben Stoller

Corporate Chef

Reuben is classically trained in French and Italian cuisine, and hales from Bisbee Arizona. After his apprenticeship in northern Michigan, Reuben moved to Galesburg, Illinois where he took his first Sues Chef position at a French bistro Chez Willies, several years later he moved back to Arizona and landed in Flagstaff where he spent ten years as a Teppanyaki chef before finding his home at the Lumberyard. When not at the Lumberyard you can find Reuben four wheeling or working on his Jeeps as well as fishing or any other outdoor activities. His favorite beer the Diamond down lager.

Shamar Carter

Head Chef/Sous Chef

Shamar is our talented and passionate Head Chef/Sous Chef at Lumberyard Brewing Company. With an impressive 7-year tenure at our establishment, Shamar has been an integral part of our culinary team. Shamar was born and raised in Flagstaff  and loves spending time with his friends and family here. He is passionate about his craft as he is always creating delicious food any chance he gets. Outside of the kitchen you can find him showing off his car, hanging with his friends or watching football. 


We are always looking for talented, hardworking people to join the Lumberyard Brewing Co. team!